swenson family update

hi, its been a while since i've updated the blog. here is a little of what we have been up to this year!

first up is what we all look like. here is the most current family photo taken by our friends Dave & Ashley. we are so lucky to have such talented friends!

this year we put our old house up for sale and it sold with in 24 hours, and we found a new one in about the same amount of time. we closed a month later on both houses and moved into our new home! 
its been a crazy but we have felt very lucky and blessed. this move was so right for us. we LOVE being here and have been so happy!
mick and i have never been happier. we have our days but they are rare. we have had so many opportunities to grow our love and friendship this year already and i can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes! we head to Mexico for the second time this year and i have officially started counting down the days.
mick doesn't like this picture but i do. he was just goofing off while i tried to take his picture and it ended up being awesome. haha! anyways mick is doing great! he is still working at qualtrics which has been going good and treating us well. he is growing that beard and swears he will never shave it. i don't want to talk about it the mustache. haha! he got scuba certified and will be diving with sharks this month! he works so hard to provide for and take care of our family and i couldn't be more grateful for him.

apprently i need to take more selfies...this is the only picture of just me. haha! i am also doing good with a touch of crazy. running my own business and being a full time mama isn't easy but it is what fills my heart with passion and love and purpose. i get to wake up to this life that i have worked so hard for and i am feeling so blessed. i move my business out of the house this month and into an office. AND FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT! i'm not pregnant. people keep asking when #3 is coming and i will explain below why there haven't and wont be been any announcements of that sort...for a while anyways.
kenny recently turned four and he has been the best ever! four is officially my favorite age. he makes us all laugh with the things he says and does. he makes up stories, reads and writes! he loves preschool, hanging out with his friends and the human body. he has a couple of human body books that he reads non stop. i think he will be a doctor when he grows up. he is graduating to a big boy bike this month! gosh he is getting big and it kills me. i would freeze time on this age if i could. 
philip is my crazy active busy busy busy boy. about 98% of the time Mick and I feel like we wont have any more kids because of this guy. he is just naughty and always causing mischief and always bleeding. he creates the biggest messes and doesn't go to bed anymore. BUT he is the sweetest guy with the best hugs and kisses. he is starting to talk in sentences and its the best ever. he loves being held, chocolate milk, crackers and cooking eggs. he will be the chef.  

disneyland was by far our favorite thing we've done as a famiy. we can't wait to go back this year!

this was the middle of january. no snow.

where dream catcher baby HQ will be located. its being renovated right now so it will look a little different. i can't wait!

smoothies are the boys very favorite. we try to sneak as many veggies into those things we can!
kenny: "did you know i go to school. oh and i am a hockey player." mick's dream come true.

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  1. Your family is so darling! I follow you on instagram and FB and was just looking for the perfect dress for my little miss turning one in July and I happened upon your darling blog! I know this is super random but is Kenny on a team? If so, how early did they let him start? I have a two... almost three year old- who loves ice skating, rollerblading, basically all things hockey but we are having the hardest time finding a team that a 2 year old can play on. We are located in Lehi and love it but hating that the clsoest ice rinks are in sandy and provo- boo! haha