nothing much

hmmm, its been a little while! Nothing much is happening right now in my life...just working and playing. School is starting down here in Utah...I wish I was one of those starting school again. Soon i hope!!! I'm getting ready to switch shifts at work...i'll be working 6-noon monday through friday. then i'll have the rest of the day to do whatever i want...by myself. lol. oh well, i'll figure something out to do with my spare time! I'm actually kinda excited. I bought plane tickets to go home in october. I'll be home for Rachelle's 16th Birthday! I'm totally excited! I cant wait to see my family! And of course party...everyday in the Hunt home is a party though! haha! I've started playing my cello again...i finally replaced the broken 'A' string...just in time to brake my 'D' string which i now have to replace...which isn't cheap! oh well. I got a season sports pass for all the BYU games...i'm going to my first BYU football game tomorrow night and i'm totally excited!!!! It'll be so much fun!! I'm going to a dance tonight...maybe i'll make some new friends tonight! woot woot! But yeah...nothing too exciting is going on in my life right now...maybe things will pick up soon. one can only hope eh?

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