hOmE sWeEt HOmE

So I got to go home to Washington at the end of October for about 10 days. It was a great visit home and exactly what I needed! I went to a haunted house with some friends.I got to see Adam who just returned from his mission in Chile. I got to be there for Tim's Eagle Ceremony. I got to play games with my mom and sisters. I went to a Halloween party where I wasn't allowed to talk; I had use sign language, do I know sign language?? NO, I do not! I was able to take Jamie trick or treating and I was there to celebrate Rachelle's 16th birthday! I spent money on things I didn't really need (scrapbooking supplies and paper, Cinnabon, clothes, and other junk). haha! I went to a dance with my brother, I got to sleep...A LOT! I went to seminary with my Mom. I ate real food!!! None of that cheap fast food or Raman noodles! That may have been the highlight of my trip! Jk jk...it was a close second though! The hightlight of my trip home would definitely be when my family (all 8 of us) went to the Portland Temple and did work for the dead! It was absolutely amazing to be sitting inside the temple with my eternal family! I loved seeing my dad, mom, brother and beautiful sisters all in white...worthy to be there. It was truly a beautiful and amazing sight! I loved every moment of that experience! My trip home was so great! I cannot wait to go back for Christmas!!!

"I SuRE dO LoVE mY fAmILy!!!"

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  1. I love your family too!!!!! Love, Love, Love. See you at Christmas!