Ward Conference and Friends!

Wow!!!! Yesterday I had ward conference and boy was it AMAZING!!! The theme seemed to be 'Hope' and our identity as children of God. My bishop talked on our identity as children of God, He first focused on what a "Man of God" was. I took note of this because the things he listed is what I need to look for in an eternal companion. He said a man of God holds the priesthood, a man of god balances his time wisely, he looks forward to being a father and patriarch of the home and that he is preparing now to be so. He went more into detail about those but I wont. He then talked about a "Daughter of God" He said a daughter of God desires marriage and children...that those are her highest priority in life. A 'daughter of God' dresses appropriately because she knows that she IS a 'daughter of God'. Dressing modestly is an attitude of her heart. He spoke with such conviction and love! He basically had his entire talk memorized he knew it so well! I really love and respect Bishop Hill! He's helped me out so much in the past year! He took care of me the way my dad would/does! I know he is truly called of God! His wife was asked to bear her testimony...it was beautiful and reminded me of how amazing and what a blessing and privilege motherhood is! I thought about my own mother...and how her example growing up has made me so excited to be a Mommy! Our Stake presidency spoke on hope. They spoke of faith vs. hope. Faith is a belief...that belief becomes our conviction. hope is an understanding of that belief...that belief becomes our expectation. charity (the pure love of Christ) is our action...all of these thigs are conected together. "hope becomes the anchor of our soul" After ward conference we had a munch and mingle...and I am so lucky to have such awesome people to associate with! I have the best friends ever! They are so much fun and like family! A group of us created our own little family away from home. We're going to start "Family Dinners" every Sunday! Its so exciting!!! I'm so grateful I am where I am! Its exactly where I need to be!!!

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