The Hunt family through the Years!

hehe...I was comparing pictures taken of my family over the past several years! We've all changed so much in so many ways! In looks, height, weight, mind, spirituality, maturity...and so on! I am so grateful for the years I've spent with my family! We've had so many exciting, dull, hard, easy, and fun times!

One of my favorite memories of my family is when this one time we were all just talking and getting along, nothing too exciting was going on. I don't even know how it happened but all of a sudden we were in a circle with our arms around each other swaying back and forth singing with everything we had "WE ARE THE FAMILY. WE ARE THE FAMILY. NO TIME FOR LOSERS BECAUSE WE ARE THE FAMILY (dun dun) OF THE WORLD!" (sung to the tune of "we are the champions" by queen.) Ha! Who does that?!!! Well, the Hunt's do! I just loved every thing about that moment! I remember the weather, where we were standing exactly...and the feeling! It was just so much fun! And so funny! Hahaha!

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  1. Now, that is one day none of should forget. It was just such a weird thing, but like you said--totally typical of the Hunts. Sometimes change can be a little bittersweet, and watching you kids grow up is no exception. I am so very proud of my children, but it hurts a little to watch them step away to make lives of their own. I miss the noise and warmth of an 8 person household. And yet, I am about to burst with pride to see the good things you are doing with your life. I love you, honey! Sometimes I miss that little 11 yearold so much it aches, but so love the woman she has become.