Friends and Family!

:D I have the prettiest and most awesome friends! I'm so grateful for the awesome friends I have down here in Utah!!!! There are so many good times being made! Awesome memories! I would not survive without them!

Lecelin, Liz and I went and saw Twilight Saturday before the BYU vs. Utah game. It was a great time! We got there an hour and a half early! haha! Liz and I put on a show of D.D.R. in front of the others waiting in line...it was kinda embarrassing. We weren't that good! lol. The movie was AWESOME! I loved it! It was totally cheesy and kinda silly at parts but...that's okay!

A group of my friends and I have created a "family" away from home. Its the best! We had our first family dinner this last Sunday...chicken burritos, funeral (cheesy) potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie! It was so much fun! Its so nice to have family around! Especially for those of us who live far away from our family!

I'm thinking we're in need of a family picture! :D lol

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