Oh ThE HoLiDaYS!

OH the holidays!!! I'm so in love with them its intense! lol. Well...this year for thanksgiving was the very first of my life to have spent it without my family. It was good...but not the same. I spent thanksgiving with Bree; we went to her grandma's place, then stopped at her grandpa's, and then went to her boyfriends grandparents and then his parents. It was a busy day. Bree, Kevin, his parents and sister Lindie and I went and saw the new James Bond movie. It was so good! I liked it very much!

The day after thanksgiving Temple Square turned on the Christmas lights so a group of us went down to see them. We got there kinda late so we didn't have much time to look around or go through the visitors center. I guess I just need to make another trip down! woohooo! I love temple square! Its absolutely amazing! especially this time of year when its all lit up! I can't wait to make another trip down there!


  1. We were there the same night! It was a madhouse. The most beautiful madhouse ever, though.

  2. oh my gosh how funny! It was pretty crazy, we got there towards the end so i don't think it was too bad. we got locked in temple square cuz we were in the bathrooms when they closed all the gates.