Monkey Buisness

 I always would laugh when Patti would refer to the twins as the "monkeys". I had an idea of why she would because of the stories she would tell...but after spending the weekend babysitting them I know exactly why! I was constantly finding them climbing up the counters and on the table, on the back of the couches and chairs, on the dresser, in and out of their cribs, up the pantry shelves looking for "Cars" (Cars fruitsnacks) and in the refrigerator looking for a "juicebox"...hahahaha! Oh my! I really had a lot of fun and enjoyed my weekend there! I wish I would have gotten more picture of Robbie, Jake and Ellie....next time! ;)

Luke eating Fruit Loops...he pretty much ate the entire box.
I love this picture! He's SO CUTE!!!
JohnJohn dipping his pizza crust in his water....
Luke was totally getting mad at me because I wasn't doing my job. I was taking pictures instead of pushing him and JohnJohn. lol.
   Jumping on the trampoline!

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