"What about the good stuff?"

You know how when you are doing so good and life just seems be going so well and then Satan does everything he can to bring you down? Yeah....those times. I'm not very fond of those times because I tend to give in. Lame huh? Well...my amazing Momma had some awesome words of wisdom that I have been trying to follow...and guess what! It works! She said that she can "...see how negative feelings tend to run away with us...but wait! What about the good stuff?" And then she gave me a list of the "good stuff"!  I've loved reading this list pretty much on a daily basis. Often more than once in a day! So many good things have happend in my life! Here is the list she gave me...I added a few of my own and then some personal "good stuff"!  

Taco Thursdays

Family swim nights and then Armidillos

Dessert before dinner on Mutual nights

The big New Year's breakfasts complete with the first gift of the year

Raking leaves for pumkin bags and for the neighbors

Getting presents for others on our own birthdays

Taking cookies to the Missionary office

Watching Harry Potter at the theater toghether

Attending all sessions of General Conference together

Library Days  

Talent shows and recitals

Story Book Island

Dinners with the Elders  

Hotdogs and marshmallows around the fire pit

Hunt kids plays

Long family dinners together where there was more talk than food

Movie nights

Girl's nights

One midnight in the pool

A few trips to the beach, a few trips to the mountain

Sense and Sensibiltiy

Pride and Prejudice

Temple trips

Birthday signs

Camping trips

Dollar Tree Christmas shopping

Family bike rides (which without fail ended in rain...lots and lots of it!)

The Lamenite vs. Nephite war  

Hide and seek

"We are the Family"

The blank game

Blind man's bluff

Watching a girl movie at midnight the day I would leave to go back to Provo  

Hunt girl's boy names (Robin-Robert, Jess-Jeff, Nichole-Nic, Marissa-Marvin, Shelly-Shelton, Jamie-James

"Remember whens"

80's music afternoons

EFY 2004

2005 Trek

BYU football games

"roommate bonding"

long walks through the canyon (I once walked 12 miles! I was gone ALL day!lol)

Macaroni Grill with Elizabethica

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