AdaM LaMbeRt

Adam Lambert....oh my gosh he's such an amazing singer!!! I've loved every song he's done so far! I loved him way back from when he auditioned! This last Monday he sang one of my favorite songs, "Mad World"! He did such an amazing job that Simon gave him a standing ovation!!! AHHHHH!!! My roommate and I love watching American Idol! We scream and jump everytime one of our favorite contestants come on but especially for Adam!! I vote for him every week! lol.


  1. I've liked everything except the "ring of fire" wierdness. They guy has got major talent, though. He was born to be a rock star, don't you think?

  2. I SERIOUSLY have ALD!!! (Adam Lover Disorder!) He is flippin amazing!!! I think that everything he has done has been great! I even liked the funky spin on "ring of fire"! He must win! I vote for him!!