Home Sweet Home!!!!

I got to go home last friday...the friday befor this last one...haha. I got to go h0me on the 10th and stayed until the 20th! I had soooo much fun non stop! I was busy busy every day! Friday started off at Grandpa Phil's and Robyn. We watched the Trail Blazers beat the Lakers! HAHAHA! it was a close game. Then I helped the girls get their stuff done and ready for prom. Saturday I continued to help out with prom. did the finishing touches, helped with jewelry and hair. Then Jamie and I had a little party of our own! Sunday was Easter. We went to church, then came home and had a yummy dinner. Rachelle and I wrestled. Monday we all watched the six hour Pride and Prejudice! It was the best! :D Tuesday Tim and I went out and about. We had a ton of fun! We laughed hard and ate a ton. I got to see my friend Kaitlin! Wednesday was a chill day. I took mom out to lunch and had a really good time with her! I also got to hang out with my friend Desiree! Thursday was AWESOME!!! Tim and I went to Seattle for the day! I rented a car and drove us up there. We did all the touristy things...Pike Place, Space Needle...etc etc. We also went to best buy and spent like an hour there. And my favorite part of the day was when T and I got to go to the Seattle Temple. I had called in ahead of time and found out that there was a Young Single Adult group doing baptisms! Perfect!! Well we got there and the group never showed up. The temple workers opened up the baptistery for Tim and I anyways and he and I did baptisms together! It was just us and the temple workers! Oh my gosh it was AMAZING! Friday my family made a beach trip and had a blast! the weather was nice and the ocean was breath taking! Saturday mom and dad had a double date with uncle Curt and Aunt Leslie. Nic and I babysat little Riley! She is such a doll! We had so much fun! I drake about a hundred cups of fake tea! lol. Sunday we went to church...took a little drive through the woods and up and around Battle Ground Lake. Then we all passed out on the front lawn in the sun...the temperature was wonderful! It was a lovely 80 degrees! We watched a few movies, played some phase 10, I got a very nice...kinda long Father's Blessing from my daddy! then we watched more movies! haha. Its a tradition. I didn't sleep hardly at all! I flew out early this morning and am now back in Utah.... :P bleck! I'm already ready to go back to Washington! lol. sooon!!!

The Girls all dressed for Prom!

Us being so silly!

Tim and I running errands...scary! ;)

Lol! Ivy totally licked my face! It was so yucky but funny too!

Tim and I on our way to Seattle!

Going up the Space Needle!

The Family in Seaside, Or. We spent like an hour in the hat shop! hahaha!

Rachelle...being Rachelle! This picture wins the prize though! haha! I love it!
Me loving the beach...in my new hat!

Toasting to...um...what were we toasting to again? hahaha!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome trip! Going home is always fun.

  2. So, I think that you should enter that picture of Rachelle in some sort of contest--it is just amazing! We also had a great time with you here. I don't know how many more TRADITIONAL Sunday/Monday movie nights this old body will take, but I made it through this one! I love you honey!

  3. The girls look so pretty all dolled up for the prom. I especially love Nichole's shoes. Very classy! :D You guys always make me smile.

  4. Wow! You are so lucky to have the temple to yourself! That's is absolutely amazing!! I am glad you had fun!