Oh to be a Rachelle! LOL. I love this picture so much! Its my favorite one I took while home. I love how much of Rachelle's personality it captures! SILLY!! Rachelle has become quite the funny one over the past year! She and I always play UNO when I go home for my visits and almost every single time I laugh to the point of tears! ...and then I have to go take a nap. Seriously! On my last trip Marissa and Mom were playing scrabble at one end of the table and Nic, Rachelle and I were playing Phase 10 at the other. (Both of these games are super long!) We all started off chipper and energized but by the time we finally finished playing our games everyone (except Rachelle) were exhausted because there she was being herself; silly and loud, making the strangest noises and laughing at herself! She had completely worn everyone out! Everyone has a good story to tell involving Rachelle! One of my favorites is when she received a letter in the mail from a mental institution! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I love you Shellie!

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