my weekend was...


I had another fun filled week! Wednesday night Liz and I hung out with some really amazingly attractive boys from Mesa, Az. We watched the Laker's vs. Nuggets game, went to sonic, tossed a football and then played glow in the dark Frisbee. It was a lot of fun! Liz and I didn't get home till midnight...I totally had to get up at 5 a.m. for work! ahaha. One of the boys, his name is Brad, totally asked for my number!! woohoo! He wanted me to come back over to watch a movie or something but I had to sleep. lol. Thursday Lizzy and I went four wheeling with our friend Anna and her 2 year old daughter. We had a blast! It was such a beautiful day to be outside and I loved every minute of it! Afterwards Lizzy and I went home and got ready to go 80's dancing. Friday was a chill day...I got the day off and so I enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing! I went shopping with my friend Bree...just for companionship...I ended buying two pairs of 100 dollar jeans (Big Stars) for 5 dollars each! YEAH!!! It was the best buy I've ever had! EVER! Later that night Brad texted me and wanted to see if I would like to watch a movie after he got off work. I was pretty excited and of course said yes! We watched Bedtime Stories...a very very good movie! Loved it! Saturday was another chill day. Brad and I planned to go swimming at my pool. We decided to get a little something to eat before hand...he totally came and picked me up on his scooter! ahhhh! I'm not gonna lie...I was totally scared at first but quickly fell in love with it! I had way more fun riding on the scooter than anything! lol. After eating we went to the pool and talked and just enjoyed the sun! Later that night Liz and I went bowling...I lost. I always loose. haha. After bowling we went over to the Mesa boys apt. and watched this weird show on t.v. and then had a little dance party! It was a ton of fun! It was definitely another fun filled week!

Me showing how much I LOVE milk! I go through a gallon a week...it only lasts a week because my roommates get onto me for drinking it too fast. I can't help it! If I had my way I'd go through a gallon every couple days...

Aspen, she has the coolest, sweetest, funniest personality! I love this little girl and wish she were mine! haha! And oh those eyes! I did everything and anything she wanted because of those eyes!

Anna and Aspen

8o's Dancing!!!
Bowling Saturday night! I totally got a gutter ball...lame


  1. I love milk! I'm excited about you and Brad. If anything happens there I'm gonna need to meet him. Anyway, I'm glad you had a great week!

  2. Gutter balls RULE!!!!! I love terrible bowlers! They are the best!! You go girl!