Friends. Outback. Photo Shoots. Harley Rides. Car shows. Boating. Midnight Swims. equals a GREAT weekend!

Mick and Jared making some sort of breakfast creation....


Eat that steak sexy thang!

Liz and I had a little photo shoot. Actually there really wasn't anything 'little' about it! haha! We were in her car for over an hour and a half and I literally took over 100 pictures.

Liz's Dad and Uncle own Harley Davidsons. Liz and I LOVE Harley Davidsons. Liz and I will someday own a Harley Davidson. Liz's Dad and Uncle gave us a ride on their Harley Davidsons. They took us to a car show in American Fork! It was tons of fun! We saw lots of amazing cars and motorcycles. :)

After our Harley ride and car show adventure...we went boating with Mick and Jared. Liz and went on the tube together and there was one time where we were on one side of the wake and we completely jumped to the other side! Scary? ...kinda.



We had a great weekend! We were so busy going from one thing to the next and I actually really enjoyed it! :)

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