There and Back Again. A Jessica's Tale.

Well, Tim and I decided it would be fun to go visit family and friends in South Dakota. We began our journey June 15th and ended it June 30th.

Just flying to Boise to meet Tim! It was a good flight...nothing went wrong. :) It was exciting to go on this adventure with my brother!

It was sooo good to finally be with Tim again! Here we are ready to continue on our adventure!
We drove all the way to Rexburg and stayed the night there with some friends. We were up bright and early the next morning and ready to start the day!

It was fun seeing all the temples! We saw lots on our trip. We decided to stop at this one. I love this picture!

It was awesome seeing friends that we've spent lots of time with. Here is Kaitlin New and I on our way to breakfast!

Tim and Lisa

haha! I was trying to get at least one cute picture with Kait...and Adam had to jump in.

Or put his hand in...

Adam Nielson and I

Tim and I finally making our way to Wyoming where we would stay with our Grandma Rutan whom we hadn't seen in 10 years! It was exciting but we were also a little nervous! Mostly excited though!

We drove through Yellowstone (both of our first time being there!) It was so much fun and so pretty!

This is my grandma's front yard! Cool huh? It took us a while to get to her house. We didn't get in till about 1 in the morning. And we ended up leaving there to got to South Dakota at 6 in the morning.

Sometimes when we are in Wyoming...we see Amish people.
AHHHH!!! Finally! We made it to good ol' South Dakota!

YAY!! We were most excited to see Cynthia and Alan. (Note: Alan refuses to have his picture taken about 99% of the time.) We were at Tim's and my birth's Dad's workshop. It had also been 10 plus years since we had seen him. I can't believe we didn't get any pictures! I'm kinda upset about that...but what can ya do?

Yep...we were REAL excited to see Cynthia! ;)

Everyone...meet my boy! ;)

Having lots of fun with Jazmin!

We made it Buffalo Gap, there we met up with the rest of the family. Little Cassie (Cherie's baby) immediately took to Tim. She LOVED Tim and was always sitting with him! So SO SOO CUTE!!!

I LOVE this picture!

Abbie, Cassie and I

Wyatt, Jacob and Tim

Tim and Alan fishing!

If I were ever to own a dog...this would be the kind i would get!

Adam, Dad (Skip), and Tim (Aunt Patti's husband)

Uncle Billy spreading Grandpa Rutan's ashed down the French Creek. This was Grandpa's favorite place.


So...when they said we were gonna hike up to french creek i was thinking that it would be a totally chill hike. nothing to extreme considering we were taking the little kids. yeah...WRONG!!! We had to hike through this raging river...crossing it over and over again! I was not prepared for this kind of hiking! I was very upset! but by the end of the day...all i could do was laugh!

Deavon Clayborn and Issac McLaws. I use to babysit Deavon and his older brother Jaron.

Jaron Clayborn...it was freaking me out how big these guys have gotten...Jaron was totally way taller than me!

Tim workin while on vacation...but there were cute girls to flirt with so it was a good work! ;)


  1. Looks like it was a great trip. It made me miss South Dakota a little bit. I'm glad you had tons of fun.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for taking time to share your adventures.