Babysitting, Rodeo, and Pioneer Day!

Patti needed me to babysit the twins Sunday to Wednesday and I of course said yes! We had a fun and busy few days. We played outside a lot, watched every episode of Backyardigans imaginable, went swimming and drew on the side walk with chalk! I had a ton of fun!

i'm pretty sure they got more chalk on themselves than on the sidewalk!

they were pretty excited for the icecream sandwiches!

this was sooooo funny! johnjohn would put the gold fish in between his toes and then eat them! i was laughing so hard i couldn't breath!

mick and i at the spanish fork rodeo

okay...i know i was on a date but that does not mean i can't be lookin at the other guys...right? hmm. i don't know. this guy was extremely good looking! too bad i couldn't get a good picture of his face... ;)

i hate the smell of rusty metal...and the railing i had to sit next to smelled of rusty metal. it was very distracting! lol. oh well.

on pioneer day liz, mick and i went to see the salt lake bees vs. the portland beavers. i was sooooooooo excited. then i found out that the portland beavers bus broke down or something and they couldn't make the game. so we had to watch a couple of high school (i can't really remember if they were high school or not) teams play. we didn't see much of the game because we were goofing off most of the time. haha!

after the game they had a HUGE firework show to celebrate pioneer day. the fireworks were WAY better than the ones on the 4th of july. i personally thought that was kind of sad. but...i still had a great time! i heart fireworks!

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