Dear Washington,

Mick and I enjoyed our visit very very much! It was difficult waking up so early but it was definitely worth it! And besides...it was easy to sleep in the car.
We had lots of fun driving to come see you. We drank lots of drinks, ate lots of junk food and redvines. :)

We LOVED seeing your beauty! OH the trees! Here are some pictures of your sister state, Oregon. It was soooo good to be so close to home!

We had a blast with the family! We went to the horse barn and helped out with the horses.

It was great fun riding!

Mick enjoyed riding too!

Here is one of my personal favorite pictures of the trip. I love my brother Tim and I love my Mick. I love pictures with Tim and Mick in them together!

Oh Washington, how did I get so lucky...no...so BLESSED to have such an amazing guy? I love every moment I get to spend with him and I am so grateful I was able to bring him home with me to spend time with my whole family (you know, before Tim left for his Mission)

Mmmhmmm! He's mine!!! Lookin good in pink Mick! hahaha! I helped him pack before we left, and he was concerned my siblings would make fun of him if he wore a pink shirt. NO WAY I told him! They'll love it!
Hahahaha! Washington, your Battle Ground has a great little restaurant called Fatty Patty's. Well, Mick and I definitely ate there and we ate slop. Sooo gross looking but so yummy tastin!
My family loved it when Mick serenaded for us. He's a great pianist and he has an amazing singing voice!
Ugh!!!!!! The only bad thing about my trip to see you, Washington was that the battery on my camera died and I forgot the charger in Utah. So unfourtunatly there aren't any photos of the rest of my trip. :(

Well, Mick and I left early Monday morning. It was a sad goodbye. I hate leaving you behind. I hate leaving my home. I hate leaving my family. It was even harder this time because it was the last time being home with Tim for the next two years. Change is difficult sometimes...but this change will only bless the lives of SO many!

The rest of the family made it to Utah and we had a blast! We toured temple square a little. While Mom, Dad and Tim went to the Salt Lake Temple to do a temple session the girls and I went to The Gateway.

Oh yeah...we totally rode the TRAX to Salt Lake. It was fun!

Here we are at the Gateway! We had soooo much fun! The girls and I went and tried on dresses and other outfits. We got in trouble for taking picture in the dressing room. (BOOO!!!!) and we saw President Uchtdorf and his wife!

OH look! There they are! President Uchtdorf and his wife! We stood about 5 feet from them and he waved at us and smiled! It was so exciting! I wish we would have gone and shook his hand!

I am a somewhat poor college student...so when we decided we were starving I bought like four bags of 99 cent french fries at McDonalds and a Large rootbeer...which we shared. hahaha!

I LOVE my sisters so dang much! We has sooo much fun being there together! The girls were amazed at how big the the Gateway was. They kept calling it a village!

Washington...our last day with Tim was a very bitter-sweet day. It was sooooo hard saying goodbye to him. But we're very grateful for his service to the Lord. :) I miss him terribly!

Look at how hansom he is! Okay...I know you can't see his face but he looks dang sharp in that suit of his!
This is my all time favorite picture! I cry every time I look at it.
After we dropped Elder Hunt off at the MTC we went out to lunch at the Olive Garden.

After all the crying, after we filled our tummy's and it was time to say goodbye to the rest of the family...I realized. WE DIDN'T TAKE A FAMILY PICTURE WITH TIM! Kinda heart breaking. But he'll only be gone for two years...right??? Ugh....
Well, its time to wrap up this letter. I don't do this often but I just would like to share a little bit of my testimony. Life is soooo good, if we choose it to be! Its all about choice! Even when not good things are happening there is always something we can find that IS good that we can focus on. I LOVE this gospel! I struggle a lot but I know its true! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and the ultimate sacrifice he made for me. I have a very personal and very strong testimony of the power of the Atonement. I am grateful for forgiveness. I am grateful for love, happiness, peace and joy the gospel brings into my life and the lives of those I love. I am so proud of Tim and his worthiness to serve the Lord. It is such a privileged to be member of the church. Heavenly Father gave us the privileged and responsibility to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and to share it with the world! He didn't place somewhere where we didn't have the gospel. No...he gave us the gospel. How lucky are we! I love Heavenly Father, I love Jesus Christ, I love my family, I love my friends.

Washington, thank you the good times! Thank you for the beauty you posses. Thank you for being a place where my family can reside and be happy there. I love and miss you.

Yours Truly, Jessica L. Hunt


  1. you are cute x a million.
    and totally feel ya on the whole "little brother on a mission" thing.

  2. Amen, sister! I mean dotter! Miss you!!! Thanks for sharing.