Inner Child

Mick and I were board and were trying to figure out what we could do. We decided that we should find something to do outside. That's when we found the sidewalk chalk. It was then decided to have a sidewalk chalk drawing contest.

Jessica's blank canvas
Mick's blank canvas
(There is a hidden word in this picture that Mick drew)

I drew the Plan of Salvation...because it was FHE night...I totally won!!! hahaha!
We're not sure what Mick drew. His parents both thought it could be Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life.
Mick pogo-sticking...
After our chalk drawing contest we went to play "old man" tennis. We had to stop because I saw a spider. Ew Gross!.
So we went inside and spent almost two hours playing with Legos.

We built our first house together! And look, Mick and I inherited the "Hunt Mobile"!!! (Lucky us)
This is the dragon who protected our brand new house.

Look at all these Legos! These aren't even all of them!
While we played with the legos we watched a couple of Disney movies! :) It was a fun night!

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  1. You guys keep up with all this fun and you will love life forever! Oh, and I'm afraid we might need the Hunt Mobile (also known as the LDS Express) pretty soon, if it wouldn't bee too much trouble.