Its been a while since I've just written about my life. I'm working a 12 hour shift today and so...I have PLENTY time on my hands to finally sit down and just write.

I rearranged my room yesterday to relive some stress that was building up. I'm not quite done, I just have the finishing touches to do. It looks good, I like it. I'm excited to be done with work for the day. I am going to JoAnn's to get some fabric and I am going to spend the day sewing. I need a new skirt. Okay...I don't really "Need" a new skirt but I really want one...and I really want to make it.

Lets see...what has been going on in my life over the past several months? I've finally moved out of Apt. 217. I'm now in 318. haha. I need to move away from Crestwood. I've been there so long. I'm one of the oldies. WEIRD!!!!

Liz moved back home so I no longer live with my bff. Its a hard ajustment but...I'm getting used to it (sorta). And I'm NEVER home! I'm always with Mick. Ah...Mick! He's the best! I have been enjoying my time with him so very much! He's so amazing and treats me so good! I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend! I love him lots and lots! We went to Lagoon last Saturday. (I'll post pictures soon!) It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOo much fun! We went on all the rides. We went on the roller coasters multiple times and only stopped because they gave me a migraine! :p He won me a huge Gorilla! We named him Marvin. He's cute. Yep...it was a lot of fun! Wow...Mick and I will have been officially boyfriend and girlfriend for a month tomorrow! Hmmmm....I might have to something fun for him! He's going home with me this weekend to meet the family! I'm super excited!

Tim leaves in one week. I'm not super excited about that. I am but not... I'm very selfish and want to keep him all to myself! haha. He's my best friend and I'm going to miss him a lot when he leaves. He's going...he IS a great missionary! He's going to have an amazing time and the people will LOVE him! I'm soooo proud of him! He's such a great example!

I have so much time on my hands. With the job I have...all I do is sit at the computer all day. Then I go home...I was in school but had to drop because of tuition problems. I'm currently an out of state resident and so I had to pay out-of-state tuition which is about 5g's! but next semester I'll have in state tuition! WoooHOOHOOOOO!!! I can't wait to get back into school and learn and get finished with my degree!

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