When Jessica and I "Got Lost at Clark". (Timothy's side of the story)

Jessica and I were in a Health/physical education class together. As part of the class we were required to have our blood tested. We scheduled a time to do that right after seperate classes we took. WE decided to meet at the library. I was early because my professor let us go sonner than planned, so i figured i would do some homework in the computer lab which is in the library.
I chose a computer that would allow me to face the direction that Jess would enter. I saw her come upstairs and she looked around at the computers. I swore that she saw me and made eye contact. She turned and went back downstairs. I thought that was wierd that she didn't come over. I quickly saved my work and logged off, it probabbly took about 35 sceond.
I went downstairs expecting to find her waiting for me. Well, she wasn't. I was thinking "what the heck". So I just went to the Health Lab. She wasn't there. Now I was even more confused. So I went back to the library, and searched everywhere. Then I went back to the Health lab. She still wasn't there. So i decided to get my blood tested, hoping that my feelings of frustration wouldn't effect my test results.
Then i decided to go check the parking lot. I walked up and down about six times. After that I concluded that Jess was gone along with the car. Now I was thinking that I was going crazy. So I thought maybe she thinks that I went to the Public Library instead of the college library. So I decided to walk down there. SHe wasn't there. I was hoping that Mom was there. She wasn't there either. So I called Mom with the pay phone at the library. I lost about a dollar because the dumb phone ate my change. Finally my call went through and I got hold of Mom. SHe had no idea what to do, she said just try to find her. As I was leaving the library, I saw Jess pulling up. I was so relieved to see her. I opened the door and she started yelling. That tipped me over. I was REALLY mad then. I was shouting, she was shouting telling me that she hated me! The lady next to us was thinking that we were nuts. Then Jess was crying and i just sat there fumming. I pulled off my stupid bandaid and threw it on the dash, which rolled down the defrost vent. Then I Started laughing, Jess asked "Why are you laughing?", and I responded "Because it's funny". We both started laughing. Then I mentioned the lady next to us, then we laughed harder. Boy what a funny experience. One I will never forget, "the time we got lost at clark."


Jessica's comments on this version of the story.
A. I never said "I hate you"
B. We definitely called Mom together
C. I am laughing so hard right now! Wow...that was forever ago!

I guess one thing is for sure...we will both forever argue what the real story is. I'm sure it is somewhere in between. haha. When we're dead and in heaven we will go to our life archive and just watch this whole experience and then we'll be able to see what really happened that day...

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