The Cow

once upon a time there was a cow named mick. he was a very nice and a very cute cow. he had a tongue named gary. gary was rough but friendly. one day a girl named jessica came to see the cow, she brought along with her some grain named liz. gary loved liz and would lick her. this made jessica and mick feel awkward. but they still all live happily ever after. the end.

i was told that i needed to post this on my blog. i have to give a little background to the story. i was called in to work an extra shift for one of my co-workers. it was the midnight to 6 am shift. i work the 6 am to noon shift. this meant i was working a 12 hours shift during the hours i should be sleeping. because i didn't get the call until later that evening i wasn't able to nap or anything. i had been up since 5 am that morning and went to work till noon the next day. that is how many hours with no sleep?! A freaking LOT!!! Anyways... "The Cow" is the story i came up with whilst i was extremely sleep deprived. i hope you enjoy it.
p.s. liz and gary are mick's and my married friends. ;)

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