got stress?

i just realized yesterday that i wasn't being the stress free bride i said i was going to be. i still have 5.5 months to get things put together!! so what was my deal? oh you know...just getting a little TOO gung-ho! i need to pace myself. i need to actually be the stress free bride i said i was going to be. so i have taken a step back. took a few deep breaths. this is one of the most exciting times of my life. the real focus is that mick and i continue on the path towards the temple so that we are married for time AND all eternity! that is really the only important part of the wedding day. the rest is just "fluff" and there for fun. so i'm going to have fun with it!

p.s. mick and i called the portland temple and set the date and time. we will be sealed for time and all eternity the fourth of june, two thousand and ten at one in the afternoon.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to take a step back and breathe a little bit. Planning can be a little stressful, but at the same time it can be a lot of fun! You both will enjoy it. And definitely continue to keep your focus on the temple that is the most important thing!