2009 recap

JANUARY- started off with a new years party with great friends, my new roomie (Lizzy Hatch) turned 20! bree and i made several trips to salt lake city and enjoyed being girls! i enjoyed going to basket ball games with friends to support other friends who played! family dinner's at the spencer house was definitely always the highlight of my week!
FEBRUARY- was a great month! elizabethica and i had many great adventures in cookie baking! valentines day was so so so so fun! lizzy and i pulled our mattresses into the living room and slept in till noon, had a dance party in our skivvies, ate junk food and then went and played some pool! then this one day i turned TWENTY ONE!!! and i celebrated. and so did my friends.
MARCH- was the interesting month...i got to babysit the epperson kids and they all ended up with the flu (except jake). then i got the flu while babysitting. and patti and all her family were in oregon. so i had to call a babysitter to babysit the twins while a i was supposed to be babysitting. haha. it definitely a learning and growing experience. even though we were all sick we still somehow managed to have fun! elizabethica and i had a "good bye tier four" party and a photoshoot! lizzy and i went the holy krishna temple festival and threw colored chalk at people and in the air and had one of the best times of my life! i also bought a fish in march! i named him jecogala and he had a facebook and then he lived in a HUGE martini glass and then committed suicide. tragic. lizzy and i had fun doing random thing things like driving 20 minutes to get a really good hamburger! haha.
APRIL- started off with a GREAT trip up to WA. i was there for the girls prom and got to help them get ready. i wrestled rachelle. tim and i rented a car and drove up to seattle and spent the day there and bonded and had a WONDERFUL time! definitely one of the highlight of the year! lizzy and i went 80's dancing...a lot!
MAY- was just a fun fun fun month! lizzy's and my friendship kept growing and getting stronger and we were having soooo much fun just being us! she was my life and i was hers and we didn't have a care in the world (other than church and having good fun). ;)
JUNE- well, to honest june was a hard month for me. i really struggled with everything. i wont go into details but here are some of the fun things i did! tim and i made a road trip to idaho, wyoming, south dakota and down to utah. in idaho we stopped and visited some friends. we drove through yellow stone park. we saw our grandma for the first time in 10 plus years. we drove to south dakota and saw other family that we hadn't seen in 10 plus years. we had a great visit with friends and family. then we drove down to utah but while on our way down we got two flat tires, a broken clutch and it took us about two and half days. we figured it was because tim had just gotten his mission call which was waiting for him at home in washington. someone wasn't wanting us to get there safely that's for sure.
JULY- was my life changing month. i met a really cute boy name mick swenson. (i actually had met him way back in january or february but i guess it just wasn't the right time). he really liked me...A LOT!! he pursued me everyday and i didn't want a serious relationship so i kept telling him all i wanted was a friendship. but he didn't take no for an answer. i grew to love our friendship and then one day i realized i couldn't be without him. we did many fun things and he took me on many fun dates that i would often include lizzy. haha. poor mick. we went bowling, we went to a rodeo, we went to a baseball game, and he took us boating and camping and we did a bunch of really fun things.
AUGUST- is when i fell in love. despite my best efforts of fighting it...it still happened. but it was okay. i loved feeling that feeling. in august we continued to do more fun things, i got to meet his family (and was called by his ex-girlfriends name...oops! haha). lizzy and i made a road trip up to see my family. we had soooooo much fun! it was a short trip but just long enough!
SEPTEMBER- mick and i went on one of the best dates. we went to lagoon! we played lagos. we made a road trip up to spend time with my family before tim left for his mission. on our way back to utah my family followed us to take tim to the mtc. before he left we went down to slc and temple square. there my parents and brother did a session in the slc temple while us girls shopped. the girls and i almost got to meet dieter f. uchtdorf but we were to nervous to say hi. he was literally like 5 feet from us. he saw us and smiled. hahaha. then it was time to say good bye to tim. the hardest but proudest day of my life! he's amazing and i'm so grateful he's my brother and best friend!
OCTOBER- was a pretty chill month. the temperatures dropped and so did the activities. i did get to go to conference. baby sit the epperson kids, take pictures for the epperson clan and go to the epperson halloween party.
NOVEMBER- mick and i went to a concert! the highlight of that month. we didn't do much. i did get to meet extended family for thanksgiving!
DECEMBER- what a great month! mick went home with me for christmas. the weather was beautiful, i was with my family, my mick, and life was great! christmas day tim called and we all got to talk to him! everyone got awesome christmas presents and we had a fabulous christmas feast! the day after christmas mick PROPOSED! i said YES. and it was the greatest feeling in the world! we ended 2009 with a bang! patti got married and i got to have kind size crab legs and i had someone to kiss when 2010 hit.
what a great year it was! so much has happened. i'm so grateful for another year being a Hunt, meeting new people, meeting mick and becoming a part of another great family. i'm so excited to see how 2010 treats me. :) i know it's going to be another great year!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a fun packed year! You've always had a lot of fun with what life brings you and I've always liked that about you. Mick is one lucky guy!! And I'm sure 2010 will be a great year for you because you will be sure to make it one! Love ya!