this one time...i became a fiancée!

over christmas break mick and i went to washington to spend the holidays with my family. it is always such a great and wonderful blessing to be able to go up and spend time with my family. and was even better this year because mick went with me. the only thing that would have made it better is if timothy and alan were there with us. :)
this year was one of the most eventful. mick asked me to marry him in the portland temple! i am engaged! woohoohoo!!! everyone loves a good engagement story so here i will tell our story.
i didn't think mick was going to propose because one day i when i didn't get the ring for christmas i decided our (mick's and mine) laundry needed to be done. i kinda went through his suitcase but to much sadness. no ring. but it was okay. i just figured he would propose in utah.
well, my dad, mom, mick and i decided to go out to eat. mick wanted to see the temple because i always talk about how pretty and amazing it is. we got there and it was freezing. we all walked
down to the reflection pool. my parents started to ditch us which i thought was odd. then mick pulled me in real close and looked at me and asked when the next time was going to be when we came back to the (portland) temple. and i said probably when we get married. and he said that he promised to bring me there to the portland temple so we can be married. then he said "but
you have to promise me something", and i told him okay. then he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him!!! and i said YES!

i really truly was surprised. i didn't find the ring so i didn't think he was going to propose while we were in washington. what a wonderful day! his proposal wasn't extravagant with a lot of show and such. it was sweet and simple and sincere and so perfect! i couldn't have asked for a better proposal. the portland temple has a special place in my heart for very personal reasons. i love being in love. and i especially love being in love with mick!

i'm really enjoying wedding planning! it's a little hard because there is so much to think about and could easily get overwhelming. but i have lots of help from my family, future family and friends! i decided to keep it all real simple. here are a few things that i love and would like to do.

we decided to get married in the portland temple on

JUNE 4th, 2010

i bought my dress. it doesn't look like this one...but i love this picture.
mick and i decided to ivory, black, blush pink, and silver for our wedding colors. i'm not much of a pink person but i love this color combination. it's easy. it's simple. it's very vintage. perfect!
i LOVE these shoes and i wish i could find them and have them.

i haven't decided how i want my hair and if i want a veil or something like this...

i think this cake is so sweet and perfect. i'm not real into completely traditional things. i think i would love to do this cake for mick, me and family. then a sheet cake or cupcakes for guests. i don't know yet though. like i said these are all just ideas i've liked so far.

i can't even describe how perfect this bouquet is! the colors, the look, the simplicity. i love everything about it and i for sure want my bouquet to look just like this.

this what i would like my maid of honor (who is my sister Nichole) and bridesmaids (my other sisters Marissa, Rachelle, Jamie and my cousin Cynthia) to wear. we're going to make the dresses and i hope it goes well! i love this and will probably make one for myself!
i have chosen the photographer. she's so talented and i {heart} her style. she's going to do our engagements photo's and travel to portland to do our wedding. check out her website and blog!

it's so very fun to be a bride!

only 154 days...but who's counting?


  1. yayayay i'm so happy for you! :)

  2. I'm glad I found you on here Jess! That is such an awesome proposal story! I bet you are on cloud 9 right now and trust me you will be for a long time! ;) I'm so excited for you! You guys make such a great couple. Maybe someday I will get to meet the love of your life. For now enjoy this preparation time and look forward to a wonderful life together!

  3. Jessica, I love your ideas! I can't wait to see how it all turns out, and I think the colors are beautiful!