100 DAYS

we're at 100 days now! AHHHHH!!! this is exciting! this means that tomorrow we'll finally be in the double digits! whew! time needs to go slightly faster though. (i'm probably going to regret saying that. yikes.) i'm really excited! things are coming together well. mick and i still want to get married. haha. jk. OF COURSE we still want to get married! his dad keeps joking how they still have the wool pulled over my eyes and hopefully i don't find out the truth about mick. lol.

so i tested out my tutu skills on my new little sisters. apparently esther hasn't taken hers off since she got it two days ago. haha! that make my {heart} very happy!

i just made a tutu for Mick's niece and an extra one for a friend! I love making tutus.

if any one want to buy one let me know! i'm also selling baby bracelets and flower headbands will be coming soon!

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  1. Yay for comments!! I will get a check in the mail...hopefully tomorrow!

  2. jess time goes quick enough. i cannot believe ive been gone almost a half a year already! crazy i can't wait to get photos of the wedding