my birthday was yesterday and it was a good one. i got some really awesome gifts and i spent it with amazing friends.
i'm very glad that i have the people in my life that i do.
thanks to patti for leaving me my favorite flowers that smell so very good!
thanks to my buddy jared! he's one of mick's coolest friends! i'm very happy he came to celebrate my birthday with me!
thanks to my beautiful best friend bree. she is so selfless and such a great friend. she set aside all those other things she needed to do and were important to her to spend a couple of hours with me!
thanks to mick's parents for thinking about me and sending me a way awesome gift!
thanks to my awesome family who called me and sang to me on the phone. it always makes me feel so loved when they call me! (or text me! LOL. that would be from my dad)
and a very very BIG thanks to my sweet fiance! he spoiled me yesterday! i am so lucky to be loved by him!

lets just say it was a GREAT birthday!

p.s. the only not good thing about yesterday was that i took like two pictures. and they were of me getting ready. lame. AND SO UNLIKE ME

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