imagination+celine dion music=embarrassments.


sometimes i like to pretend i'm celine dion and do an awesome arm out to the side and then clench my fist then bring it up to my body in one swift movement when the song has come to a stop.

...until mick asks me what i'm doing with a concerned voice and weired out look on his face. all he does is laugh at me.

but seriously, who wouldn't want to be celine dion?!

i just don't think boys really understand.

P.S. there was this one time in 4th grade that i sang My Heart Will Go On" for the school talent show. That's how much I loved her (and Titanic). I DO NOT have a good singing voice. Again...embarrassment!


  1. I am truly sorry to say this, especially since you seem to like Celine, but I can't stand her and would hate to be her (although she does have fabulous arms!).

  2. Selena de onion, or Celine Dion or whatever her name is=YUCK!!