just loving being in love!

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yesterday i was set apart to be the ward web specialist. (hahaha) in the setting apart blessing i was blessed to have all the privileges, keys, and other blessings that were needed to do well in that calling. i was blessed to be able to help a lot of people in the young single adult ward. then i was blessed that as mick's an my wedding gets closer we will have many confirmations that we are meant to be together.
awesome huh!
i've prayed about marrying mick. i've contemplated it. i've pondered it. i've felt so good about it. but its always so nice when the Lord just flat out tells you YES! sometimes i wonder why He blesses me as much as He does. i am a very lucky girl. :D

that was the best valentines day ever!

mick and i celebrated valentines over the whole weekend.
Friday i decorated his car. I bought him balloons and truffles. i gave him a handmade card with some love written inside.
Saturday after a day of snowmobiling. he took me out to dinner. it was a frustrating night because of the service at the restaurant but it was so nice to spend the evening with him.
Sunday morning i woke up to a card that was slid under my door. it was from mick. he wrote love things on the inside. then i was given a blessing that mick and i were truly meant to be together. what a wonderful valentine's day weekend. i really love being in love!

February 2010 108a
snowmobiling 2010

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