its a contest!!!

...i hope i win!

here's what jessica has to do to win an awesome gift certificate of a full 1-2 hour session, including a disk with all edits from ms. Ashley Hawkes/JADA {LOVE} PHOTOGRAPHY!

i have to write what i like about jada love photography and why i would love to win a free photo session.

well, here is what i like about jada love photography: (ready for the awesomely long list?)
*DISCLAIMER: these are not in any particular order
~the prices! they're awesome. i almost cried when i found someone who takes really good pictures for a really good price. i'm paying for a lot of the wedding with my own money and every bit that i don't have to spend helps so much!
~jada love photography travels for free. again...i almost cried. portland, oregon temple is my home temple. i have wanted to get married there for soooooooooo long! portland doesn't have a photographer that i loved looking at their pictures. i was always looking at Ashley's. then i got engaged! woohooohoo! then i found out all these awesome things and i was in love.
~the style. i think we're twins or something. haha. jk. but seriously! i love Ashley's style of photography. i'm was being uber picky when it came to who photographed my wedding. ask anyone in my family what is one of the most important things in my life they'll probably all say photography and a good picture. hehe. i really {heart} photography! and i really {heart} Jada Love Photography!
~i really like Ashley! she's way cool! and super fun! and super pretty! and her husband is funny!
~i really LOVE how mick's and my engagement pictures turned out! i can't stop looking at them.
~mick and i both loved that jada love photography is a wife and husband team. it was so cool and fun to see them work together. i saw a future mick and i doing the same exact thing! i can't wait to be a cool photographer like Ashley and have my funny husband make good suggestions and take pictures of random things on the ground. :D p.s. i was really excited to see how one particular picture he took turned out...but then i realized as i was going through our engagements for the first time that it actually wasn't an engagement picture... *sigh* (*cough*hint hint*cough)

anyways...i could definitely go on but i'm sure nobody wants to read a book. ;) so i'll move onto the next part which is why i would love to win a free photo session.
easy. i would love to win a free photo session because free is always way cool. haha. and i would love to work with Ashley again before the wedding. i would very much love some separate bridals! i would love to do them in my grandmother's 1950's wedding dress. and like i said earlier i'm paying for a lot of the wedding myself so any little bit helps!

pick me pick me pick me pick me!!!!

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