"You know, that one guy..."

so i was told this story a week ago and i laugh every time i think about it so i have to share it with everyone!
this last new years i got to meet all of mick's brothers, their wives, and children. i only got to spend a few days with them because i worked a butt load of hours and they were all in from out of town so they only had a few days anyways.
this last week mick's sister-in-law erica me this story!
"The other day Mia was talking about juggling. She said, "And do you know who else can juggle?" I tried guessing but couldn't get it. Then she said, "You know, that guy, the one that got married to Jessica."
HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Poor Mick. He's decided he needs to spend more time getting to know his nieces. lol.
anyways...this has been making me smile all week and miss these nieces and nephews of mick's! for a really long time i have been kinda bummed out that i was the oldest because i really wanted to be cool like all my friends and have nieces and nephews to spoil. well, the awesome thing about marrying the youngest of a family is that i will automatically get a ton of nieces and newphews!!!!!! YAY! i really like the title "Aunt Jessica". it's pretty awesome! i remember this one time when mick and i first started dating, one of his brother's slipped and said as he was passing his baby to me "here! go see aunt jess" haha. i thought it was pretty awesome.

i used to tell mick that it was because of his nieces and nephew that i decided to be "more than just friends" with him. lol. it's kinda true. ;)

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