so it's come to my attention that for some reason the comments section wasn't enabled. :( i was wondering why i went from having at least one person comment on my post to having absolutely no one commenting. i LOVE it when people comment on my blog. {i hope i fixed the problem.} let me know if i have or haven't! :D


p.s. i changed the title of this blog. i'll explain later. but the title of this one is kinda temporary until i find one that i truly {heart}! :D
p.p.s. now that the comment feature is re-enabled does that mean everyone will go back and leave awesome comments on older posts? ;) hint hint. haha. jk


  1. Yeah, I was going to tell you but kept forgetting!! I love reading your blog and have tried to comment on every post! Sorry for not telling you!!

  2. I was going to leave a comment on your facebook, because I had been wanting to say things about the various cuteness that is on your blog. And now i can, yay!