eighty five days.

that's pretty crazy. time is starting to go by fast now. probably because i have all these things i need to decide on and finalize. yikes!

i've started my photography business. i don't think you can call it a "business" just yet. but i've got things rolling. i have two photo sessions lined up. i'm not getting paid for either but it will give me good practice and build my portfolio so that i can start charging for my sessions. i'm just doing families, engagements, maternity, and seniors. i will be adding babies and weddings to that as soon as i get another lens and a place to have my own little in-home studio. or until its warmer outside to i don't freeze the little babies. that would be sad.

i am soooo excited about this!!

mick and i have been about 90% sure we're moving to Salem, Oregon this summer. i will HAVE to have a job in order for us to survive. haha. i kinda like that. being married will be so much fun and quite the adventure! anyways, rent is going to be expensive. i have a possible nanny job lined up. it would be so nice if i could really dive into photography up there. i was looking for a photographer for the wedding and on average prices were 2000 bucks and most were at least 2200 and higher. even if i could charge half that i think we'd do okay! i will have to work hard! i'm starting to put together some flyers to print and then go door to door and hand them out to people. mick said that would be the best place to start. i think he's right. how else do you get your name out there?

hehehehe! i wish i could describe how excited i am! now if everyone could spread the word that there's a new photographer in town that would be way awesome!!

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  1. You will be an awesome photographer. With the pictures I've seen that you've taken so far you will be amazing. You have a wonderful talent and I'm excited to see more. And congratulations on having only 85 more days left!!!