Why Study Isiah's Writings?

Mick and I have been going to institute for the past two months or so. We have been LOVING it! I leave that class every Tuesday so excited to read and study my scriptures! Our teacher is amazing! He's a professor at BYU. Donald W. Parry. He is extremely knowledgeable in the gospel and the history of the gospel (and in Hebrew). He's written several book and is working on one about the Atonement which I can't wait to read!
We're studying the Book of Mormon this semester/Institute class. Right now we're in 2nd Nephi. 2 Nephi is very well known for being a long quotation of Isaiah's writing. People often find it difficult to understand and to read. I loved this last class because he made us realize that it really isn't as daunting to read as we tend to think. I am excited to read 2nd Nephi after this last class we had!
Here is the handout he gave us. I hope you enjoy it and it helps with your 2nd Nephi and Isaiah study.
"Why Study Isiah's Writings?"

We are commanded to search Isiah's words.
The words of Isaiah "are written...therefore search them" (3rd Nephi 20:11)
"Yea, a commandment I [Jesus Christ] give unto you that ye search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah" (3rd Nephi 23:1, cf. Moroni 8:23)

Isaiah spoke concerning the scattering and gathering of the house of Israel.
"And I [Nephi] did rehearse unto them the words of Isaiah, who spake concerning the restoration of the Jews, or the house of Israel; and after they were restored they should no more be confounded, neither should they be scattered again" (1Nephi 15:20)

Isaiah wrote things pertaining to the future.
"Behold, I [Nephi] would speak unto you concerning things which are, and which are to come; wherefore, I will read you the words of Isaiah" (2 Nephi 6:4 cf. 2 Nephi 25:8)

Isaiah's writing cause us to rejoice.
"and now I write some of the words of Isaiah, that whoso of my people shall see these words may lift up their hearts and rejoice for all men" (2 Nephi 11:8)

Isaiah's writings help us to glorify God's name.
"I [Jacob] will read you the words of Isaiah. And they are the words which my brother has desired that I should speak unto you. And I speak unto you for your sakes, that ye may learn and glorify the name of your God" (2Nephi 6:4)

Isaiah's writings are great.
"For great are the words of Isaiah" (3 Nephi 23:1 cf. 2 Nephi 25:8)

Isaiah's writings may be likened unto members of the house of Israel.
"there are many things which have been spoken by Isaiah which may be likened unto you, because ye are of the house of Israel" (2Nephi 6:5)

Isaiah saw the Lord.
"And now I, Nephi, write more of the words of Isaiah, for my soul delighteth in his words...for he verily saw my Redeemer, even as I have seen him"(2 Nephi 11:2)

Isaiah's words are for our profit and learning.
"I Nephi did read unto them that which was written by the prophet Isaiah; for I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning" (1Nephi 19:23)

Isaiah spoke concerning the house of Israel and the Gentiles.
"For surely [Isaiah] spake as touching all things concerning my people which are of the house of Israel; therefore it must needs be that he must speak also to the Gentiles" (3 Nephi 23:2)

Isaiah wrote things pertaining to God's judgments.
"I [Nephi] have made mention unto my children concerning the judgments of God, which hath come to pass among the Jews, unto my children, according to all that which Isaiah hath spoken" (2 Nephi 25:6)

Isaiah's prophecies are true and will be fulfilled.
"All things that he [Isaiah] spake have been and shall be, even according to the words which he spake" (3 Nephi 23:3)

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