i have the hiccups. :o/
i realized i still have a ton of stuff to do for the wedding which is only about 10 weeks away.
  • invitations & postage
  • flowers
  • decorations
  • get a videoographer
  • hire a dj
  • finish paying my photographer
  • find shoes, jewelry, and other accessories i may need
  • get the bridesmaids jewelry
  • buy mick's ring
  • figure out the whole wedding day hair thing
  • book a hotel room
  • book a couple of flights (for me and my brother Alan)
  • get my dress fitted and hopefully NOT altered...because all of this is starting to add up and cost me a lot of dough. lame!
haha, oh well. you can't put a price on memories and looking good right? ;)

i had my first photoshoot with my camera yesterday. it went really well. it was sooooo much fun. i can't wait to get started on those pictures and getting them posted!

if anyone is looking for a photographer, pickmepickmepickme!

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