zoo trip (march 29, 2010)

abby and me. I love her.
this is what you would see when someone was holding her and that someone wasn't me.
kristi and andrew!! (photo taken by mick, he's pretty much better than i am. lol)
another view of abby when she wants me to hold her. i saw this often as well.
hannah taking picture on grandpa's shoulders.
hahaha! i love this picture! it's so funny. i really wanted to take pictures of our zoo trip but abby wanted me to hold her the entire time or she would would cry so i had to put her in her stroller and get her distracted, mick then would come push the stroller and I would have to make sure i stayed behind the stroller out of abby's sight and that way i could take some pictures. well, i forgot to do that and she saw me and and this was the result.
abby and grandma! finally having some fun with someone besides Jessica (or when i would prompt her, she would say "he...ss". close.) isn't this a great picture!
andrew is one of the cutest kids on this planet!!
abby LOVED the carousal. she was trying to squeeze herself in between the bar fence to get to it. haha
i love the zoo! it was so much fun! oh, i did take some pictures of the animals...
here's one of an animal holding abby...oh wait! that's mick! ;)

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