Sometimes our dreams really do come true. :)

it all started one sunday, valentine's day afternoon. we were at church and i was still pretty new to the whole thing. this girl who had been very friendly came up to me and handed me a lollipop valentine. she gave one to all the kids but i felt particularly special and very grateful. i went home and excitedly told my parents that this really cool girl name hannah hinkson gave me...ME...the new girl, a valentine. :) i knew from that moment we'd be best friends for a really long time.

hannah and i have been really good friend since were 10 years old! we use to play barbies under my parents piano. we use to dream about getting married to brothers so that we could be sisters-in-law. our plan was to get married at the same time. we got older and stopped playing barbies (with a momentary relapse at age 16 AND i have picture which i'll find and post soon!) but we still would plan a double wedding. then we got older and it was more of a joke. and then we got way old and it became one of those silly little girl dreams.

well guess what. its actually coming true! (for the most part). hannah and i are getting married exactly 6 days apart from each other! how awesome is that?! she'll be getting married in the salt lake city temple and i'll be getting married in the portland, oregon temple. :) the only sad part is that we wont be able to attend each others weddings.

look {here} (and) {here} we are!

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