Happy Mother's Day!

so, sometimes i don't get around to blogging when i should. LoL.

this post is for mother's day. i was pretty excited about mother's day this year. i got to talk to my brother for over an hour! it was so good talking to him on the phone! i really miss him. he's doing so good though and is loving being a missionary.
i didn't get to talk to my mother, i didn't want to tie up the phone when we weren't sure when tim was going to call. but i did get her a gift which i gave her last week.
i did get to spend mother's day with my future mother in law. :) we had yummy leftovers, and yummy cake, and got to sit out in the warm sun!
i went to my old singles ward. it felt like home! i love and miss that ward a lot. i loved the talks!!! they were so great! i loved sunday school which was taught by a really really good friend. i left church feeling super excited and full of hope. how do i make every sunday like that?
i'm super duper excited to be a mother of children someday! it feels a little closer now that i'm 3 1/2 weeks from getting married. :D wow...
THREE AND A HALF WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this picture was taken last year. it was funny. i was walking home from work and thinking about motherhood and how scared of it i was. then i saw this out of the corner of my eye. it made me laugh.

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  1. haha! i totally forgot about this picture! oh my gosh it's so fabulous!