i've been a pretty laid back bride so far. i do tend to change my mind a lot.

i wish i could start over.

there was this place i wanted to have the reception at. but it felt like it cost too much money. guess what. i've spent more than what it would have cost to just have it there. i wouldn't have to worry about decorating, food, drinks, chair covers and table linens, how to set up. it's in a great location with lots of parking.

i'm freaking out right now.

i still haven't gotten the flowers, decoration stuff, chair covers, or tablecloths.

i have 24 days. TWENTY FOUR DAYS!!!

if you haven't guessed, i'm a perfect at procrastinating.

i want more yellow in my wedding. yellow makes me happy.

the very worst thing...i really miss mick. :(

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