i went to try on my wedding dress yesterday after the alterations were done. if fit SO MUCH BETTER! she took one and a quarter inch off on both sides. yeah. i'm still feeling angry feelings toward that witchy woman who i argued with for over 15 minutes about what size i really needed. oh well.
can you believe i only have three weeks until the wedding? i still have a ton to do. :p i'm trying to decided if its okay to just do white tablecloths and chair covers (which i can borrow) because to buy or rent ivory ones will cost a lot...A LOT of money. i'm doing all the lighting with christmas lights (which i don't know how well that will work for photography. :p i'm a little nervous about that).

i'm trying to refocus. i'm getting married in the temple. that's all that matters. ;)

i have a busy day today. it looks pretty nice out. that makes me happy.


  1. I had christmas lights for the lighting as well, and if you have an AMAZING photographer, then they will work with it. The reception pictures that my photographer took of mine, were AMAZING! They you couldn't even really tell there were only christmas lights. Good luck! :)

  2. twinkle lights are pretty cool for photography:)