moldy face...

well, it's happening. it's here. FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

i left utah last week. it was a crazy feeling leaving utah. it was different than usual. i can't explain it.

i landed in portland, oregon on the 22nd, went straight to the distribution center for a few things that i needed. mick met me and my parents there. it was amazing being in his arms after what felt like a lifetime! i totally cried in deseret book. it was a busy day. i was embarrassed. lol. anyways, we went straight to the temple after that. i had my endowments taken out (is that how i phrase it?). it was amazing!!!! i loved being in the temple with mick. wow. i am now wearing an extra layer which i have mixed feelings about. it is a little uncomfortable but i still love wearing my extra layer. :)

i spent a week doing wedding stuff with my mom and maid of honor/sister, nichole. now i'm sitting in an amazing house about a block from the ocean in Lincoln City, Oregon. IT'S SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

all of mick's family are here. his parents, and 5 siblings and their spouses and children. so awesome!

mick and i have four days until the wedding. people keep asking me why i'm so calm? haha. i don't know why. i'm really trying to focus on what matters most. the temple. i cannot wait for the day i will become MRS.MICK SWENSON! for TIME AND ALL ETERNITY!  sheesh. why didn't we decide to get married this weekend? oh well. haha.

well, i probably wont be posting anything for a couple more weeks. maybe i'll have some amazing wedding photos to share! definitely amazing honeymoon photos. i still don't know where mick is taking me. i have my passport ready though! :D

until then...

jessica larae hunt (for only four more days)/soon to be...jessica larae swenson.

p.s. i've been in the pacific northwest for a little over a week. i feel like my face is molding. GROSS. i think i wash it about 3 or 4 times a day.

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  1. moldy face...lol
    sis swenson...woah