no room

i'm sitting at the table looking around at my apartment. mick and i just got done eating dinner. we exactly two dinner plates, two spaghetti factory cups that magically appeared, two forks, two spoons, two bowls, two butter knives, and a pan. :) haha. we definitely wont be having guests over for any kind of meal.

we've been married for a whole week now! where has time gone? seriously! i love being married! i love having our own place. i'm being tortured because i can't decorate. we're only here temporarily. and we should spend our money's on things we need. like some more dishes. or a toaster. or a microwave.
our wedding day was long...but WAY awesome! my day started at 7am when i woke up from the strangest dream. i just couldn't sleep. i got up and made the rest of the flowers. did some last minute wedding stuff. then i decided to get ready. that didn't take very long. on the way to the temple i realized i didn't shave my legs, i didn't fix my eyebrows, i didn't put deodorant on, and i forgot to brush my teeth. seriously? i never forget to brush my teeth.
we got to the temple. we "checked" in. they took me and my mom to the brides room. mick went somewhere else. they got me all dressed in my temple clothes and then took me to meet mick. we sat in the celestial room together. it was amazing. i wish i could describe what it was like. we met with the sealer. he explained a few things then took us to the sealing room. the moment we entered and saw our families and closest friends the tears began to flow. the temple part itself went by pretty fast. again i wish i could describe what is was like. words really cannot describe it.
we went our seperate ways again. i got to finally wear my wedding dress and show it off to mick! it was pretty awesome. my dress was soooo heavy though. we did a lot of photos! ashley and her husband dave (who served his mission in South Dakota) were there to photograph everything! i can't wait to see all the photos!

mick and i stopped at little ceasars for a 5 dollar pizza. then headed to the reception. we had the ring ceremony with close friends and family members. it went reallllly well! i was so impressed with Bishop Bowman's presentation/talk.
we began the reception with some dancing, cake cutting and what not. it was soooooooooo much fun. yes i did fall while trying to dance. embarrassing. hahahaha!

i can't wait to post some pictures!

i'm going to end now. i'll post more later. until then...

jessica larae swenson.


  1. You're a beautiful bride Jess! I can't wait to see more pictures of your day. Enjoy married life you will love it!

  2. oh yes, I must see these pictures. stop teasing me.

  3. Oh, and don't buy too much. You will get a lot of stuff at the openhouse! You already have some gifts waiting for you here.

  4. It was a beautiful day!! The perfect ending to a wonderful week. Can't wait to see all the pictures.

  5. I just gave the cutest set of dishes to Goodwill!! I should have shipped them off to you. I loved your wedding. I am so excited for you and Mick. Feel free to visit us any time if you ever feel you need a good road trip. Also, I never told you, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED your dress. Bravo.