what a busy busy weekend!

mick and i drove down to utah for our open house thursday. i got sick on our way down. it wasn't a fun experience.

the open house was on friday. it turned out soooo great. i met a lot of people! haha. mick and i both had a great time!

we were able to hang out with mick's buddies all day saturday. we went out to lunch. i was feeling super sick but it passed, thank heavens! we went golfing. i was terrible to i just watched and drove the cart. then we went out for some frosties and fries. then we watched a movie. then at about 11pm we went an adventure. hehe.

snorkeling for golfballs.

we retrieved exactly 230 golfballs from the pond at the golf course! it was quite the adventure. all i could think was "how old are we again?". sneaking into a golf course in the middle of the night to go swimming in the pond isn't really what 22-24 year olds do. lol. we enjoyed ourselves though.

mick and i spent sunday with his parents. it was soooo nice to just relax!

we left bright and early monday morning. mick drove for about 2 hours and then had me drive. i drove for about 4 hours and then we switched. he drove for about an hour and a half or so and then i drove the rest of the way. it is a 13 hour drive. lol. i couldn't believe he let me drive so much! he usually only lets me drive 2-4 hours. i had a great time! mick slept most of the way so i had full reign over the music. i rocked out to jack johnson, linken park, phantom of the opera, justin timberlake, and a few other random bands/artists.

we decided to go visit my family on the way. it was so good being able to just sit at the table with my mother and sisters and gab about a million things! my dad and mick sat in the front room and talked about other things.

when we left mick decided to drive to salem. i wanted to take a nap because i was sooooo tired but mick decided he was hyper and kept waking me up. haha. i think it was because he was so excited to be back to our own home.

we unpacked the car and put stuff away. we have dishes. we have cooking utensils. we have pots and pans. we have towels. it really does feel like home now!

today has been a long and interesting day. i really hate being by myself all day. i did go buy a few more things we needed and some groceries. but that only took an hour. i've been looking for a job but haven't had any luck.

i've had a lot on my mind today. i'm a tiny bit stressed. but i'm looking forward to the next step mick and i will be taking. whatever it may be.

i've finally picked a few words to describe my wedding day.

pure happiness.

simple. sweet. and so true. if you've ever felt what true pure happiness feels like you'll know what i'm talking about. you cannot describe what it means exactly. you just have to experience and know. i'm so grateful for the happiness i've felt by finally letting go of my fear of being hurt by yet another boy. mick was soooo persistent and i'm so grateful for that. i can't imagine life with out him.

mick is my happiness.

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