best friends and french bread

who would have ever thought that this little thing would become my best friend?!


i just got lost for the past two hours somewhere...i don't even know! sheesh. all i wanted was a loaf of french bread and some vitamins from walmart. well, i sure does feel good to be home. the weather is AMAZING out though. i wish there was a park nearby. i would sit out on a blanket and read a book.*sigh* that sure does sound wonderful.


  1. haha yeah we have one of those..wouldn't have made it to your wedding without it!!

  2. ditto! gary and i would be lost forever without ours... we would probably still be wandering the streets of portland begging people for directions. haha.

  3. i love my gps! without it i would probably get lost somewhere in Michigan and die. that would be sad. i have a garmin nuvi 205w ony $89.99 on sale baby! woot woot.