new things

well, i've been having a few rough days. the toilet and my face have gotten quite acquainted! yuck! i feel lots better today. :)

so mick has been a busy worker. he has an 11 o'clock meeting then comes home for a few minutes and then goes to work until about 10:30pm. i knew this would happen. i was prepared mentally. i assumed i would get a job right away and would keep myself busy as well. but...i haven't been hired anywhere and i've been struggling to keep myself busy. i've been getting more and more depressed each day so.......mick and i went and got a puppy. he is soooooooooo cute! he's so sweet. doesn't park. LOVES to cuddle. he is a 4 month old Papillon. today he's kept me pretty busy. we go outside every hour because he isn't quite house trained yet. we made a trip to petco. he takes a nap with me when its time. he plays with me. he is keeping me realllly happy! i'm very grateful for this little guy. i'm so excited to have a part of our family now.

this weekend mick and i want to go camping. i hope we'll still be able to. we want to go just friday night and come back sometime saturday. i think it would be so much fun. i can't believe it's almost the 4th of july! this year is going by uber fast. it's half way over! pretty soon it will be 2011 and then my birthday. i can't wait for my birthday. i have a feeling i'll be getting a pretty awesome birhtday present. ;)


  1. Jessica! I found your blog .. So cute! I love reading about your life with Mick! Post pictures of your new puppy .. What did you name him (her?)
    PS .. When is your birthday? In like 8 months? You getting a bundle of joy for your birthday? ;) You better, then my little bean will have a cousin to play with!

  2. i have a feeling you'll be getting a very awesome birthday present too! :)