its business time...(wait...not that kind!)

i have been sewing like a mad woman. okay not really but i have been keeping myself busy with sewing projects. right now i'm attempting to sells some of the things i have made. i haven't been successful at it thus far. it is a little discouraging but i'm not giving up just yet because i know i have a great thing to offer. 

i am making baby girl skirts. i think they are way cute and i have had many many compliments on them. i would love to just make them for people but they to cost a little bit of money to make and i do put time and a lot of effort and love into making them. i enjoy sewing so much and i've found something that i love to sew. if you're interested in buying one let me know!!! check out my etsy store...{HERE}

i'm also really wanting to get started on my photography business. i've decided to focus on newborn photography. i feel like that is definitely the road i want to take! if anyone's interested again let me know! 
a 1-2 hour session only costs $65 dollars. i have many ideas and am collecting lots of great props. the first two sessions will be free!!! seriously let me know! my email is jessicahunt88@gmail.com. 

(p.s. my blog title is referencing Flight of the Conchords "Business Time". look it up on youtube.)


  1. I am for real in LOVE with these baby skirts!!

  2. wow you have some awesome talents!

  3. Us girls here agree that they are soooo cute! You have an amazing skill and talent. I think they are a great price too.