hmm...last night and today have been fairly rough. i've been throwing up just about everything i've eaten. :( no good. i don't like feeling sick. i don't like being sick. i really don't like vomiting. thank goodness its all for my baby!

mick and i went to my first doctors appointment last friday. it was wonderful! we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. dr. said it was a boy heartbeat. he also said those guesses are very rarely correct. lol. we'll have the the 20 week ultrasound october 6th. and we'll get to see baby!!!!!!!! and see if we're having a boy or girl. any guesses so far? i was hoping for a boy first. but i would LOVE to have a girl because i've been on a sewing streak. i use debbie's scraps from her quilts and make little baby skirts. (i will be selling them on etsy very soon).

i need to go to bed. i am about to pass out i'm so tired! haha. good night.


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  1. i think that it is a boy and it will be named "Timothy" good strong name for a lad!