labor day weekend

mick and i wanted to get together with some friends for labor day weekend. we planned a cabin trip to aj and jessica's cabin. well, they planned it and we showed up. we just simply planted the idea in their heads. ;) lol. we had soooo much fun! mick and were on baby call this weekend for rob and kristy. there wasn't a baby though. :( sooooooonnnnnn!!!! i can't wait!
so this weekend we watched the byu game. we bbq'ed. we built a fire and had smores. we made biscuits and gravy. we went to a lake and on a hike. we went to the manti temple. we had fun. :D i'll post some photos a little later.

we've discovered chaz has allergies. that's why his eyes water. his allergies picked up hardcore up at the cabin (which seemed to be located in the middle of nowhere).

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  1. sounds like a fun labor day weekend. I got soaked, riding my bike through the rain, in proselyting clothes! good times