fun vs. not fun is key here.

i am seriously so stinking bored today. mick had early morning classes but had to stay in provo until 4:30 tonight because he has a mandatory lecture he has to go to. so to save on gas he's just staying in provo. i was going to go to joann's and start a craft project. but guess what. i left my wallet in his car. i can't go anywhere because i don't have my license and i couldn't buy anything anyways because i don't have my money. goodness.
i started a food journal today. and i actually took a pre-natal vitamin! it was hard but i did it! woohoo. i have my first doctors appointment next friday. i'm a tiny bit nervous but way more excited! i cannot wait to see my baby! i cannot wait to hear the little heart beat. :D or their heartbeats. haha.
well, i'm going to go find something to do! something fun. i have things to do but they are not that fun. whatever...

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