life's a peach...sorta

today...right now, i'm really wishing baby were here. i really want to hold baby in my arms. i'm getting so impatient for baby to come. i still have 6 months left. :(  i just hope they fly by as fast as the last 6 months did.

no, don't tell me i really don't wish that and that i'll wish for them to go slow so i can prepare and whatever...don't tell me that. just let me wish for baby to be here right now. thanks.

p.s. i don't want any advice on this post. just smiles and understanding. ya know?

 ...i'm going to go have a peach now. :)

this is the photographer i want to be someday. soon{HERE}


  1. Honey, I just HAVE to give you some advice! Enjoy peaches whenever you want to!!!! I LOVE peaches!!!! I WANT a peach right NOW!!! Teee heee!

  2. thought i'd comment because i was in your shoes not too long ago. :)

    if it's reassuring, time will FLY (i promise) and you will be holding your baby before you know it. and you will love it and will not be able to get enough of your cute, squishy babe!

    hopefully you will be able to see your babe via ultrasound soon. that, for me, was the best.