a strange but wonderful but horrible summer.

i want to go swimming. and camping. and bonfire-ing. and hiking. and BOATING. i feel like i've had a very abnormal summer. all i've done is vomit and sleep and get married. haha. don't get me wrong. this has be THE BEST SUMMER. i mean come on. i got married to mick. he's pretty awesome. i went to mexico. i made a baby. i went to hawaii. i got a puppy of my VERY own. i've had wonderful experiences in the temple. i've been close enough to my family that i've been able to celebrate all birthdays and some fun things with them! yeah, it's been such a great summer.
but strange too. i've spent the last few summers camping, hiking, going to bonfires, and boating. mick and i were going over our budget for when we get back to utah. it's going to be tight. we've all of a sudden realized that we are truly grown ups. we cant just spend our money's whenever we like and on whatever we like. that is a strange feeling too. but soooo exciting to really start our very own FAMILY. it feels even more official now that we've begun a budget. haha. does any of this even make sense? 

we go back to utah the day after tomorrow. i cry when i think about it too much. i will miss being close to my family. it'll be hard to experience my first pregnancy so far from my mother and sisters (and daddy too!). good think i love mick's family sooo much! :) 

well, i'm off. i really need to get this packing done. is it bad that i'm leaving all the dirty dishes for mick? we did make a deal that if he does the dishes i'll do everything else. lol. maybe i'm not the best wifey after all... dang. 

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